Luke 19:10 ≣

like a child without a home
like a husband getting of a yelling phone
a fisherman without a net 

a dog looking to be someone’s pet 
you and me 
from Fuji to Hawaii
12th century to modern day democracy 

– incapable of being found – 

and so He does find us 
bleeding up on that cross 
across galaxies He traveled for the lost 
knowing the great and terrible cost 

we doubt, we turn away 
we choose not to believe, and say 
that Jesus You are the Way 

so we go by our own 
building riches and homes
while people starve all alone 
fighting daily to have a better iPhone

how much longer will you postpone? 

don’t you know it’s already been done? 
The Son of Man; the Risen One 
Says; “child, please why are you trying to run?

there is no one to impress,
I have come to take away your fallenness

Ephesians 1:4-5 ≣

about six year ago
i made a choice

i decided to fight time
used love as my boxing gloves

i fought for a second

and I won

only this battle
started before I begun

see God knew
i would one day be His son
He fought eternity
not just for me

God, not limited by time
can see each step
Mankind, hindered by limit
relies upon faith

made transparent by grace

foreseeing our fallen pride
God chose to give us a chance
to make a choice and abide
not by mere circumstance

in love i heard His voice
in love i made the choice
in love God gave us Jesus
in love He guarantees us