↞ Romans XVI ↠

so often I forget to stop.
look back.
see the people that helped me.
thank them.

I am ungrateful
not making those great
who in turn made me full

what a posture it would be
to them do my feet run to give thanks

and how the world will tell me
‘screw them’
so let us us be on guard
to not get screwed by them
who are ungrateful

through our faith
may we be obedient
oh be
defiant to anything, and everything
that this world tells you to be

↞ Romans XV ↠

to have eyes but not be able to see
to have the strength and be weak
to be loved but not love
to be humble yet prideful

the pursuit to help others have been in vain
for we are all vain people
only from beneath our veins flow a love that is profound
for when Jesus’ veins were bleeding out
He declared to the world – you are worth dying for 

yet we drive by people asking for help daily
praying to God that we aren’t late for our meeting
while we aren’t meeting the needs of others
simply because our needs are more important

and how we read self help books
expecting the world to help us
say sorry and get mad when people don’t forgive
because in our minds: that should be a given 

but we receive more than we ever give them

I’m curious, what possessed Jesus to look at us and say
They are worth dying for.
even more, what would it look like to have those eyes
too see people the way this man did.

since when have our passions become more valuable than human life? 
should we not be passionate about others 
incorporating our passions to be passionate
about those who are without a passion

because when Jesus died it was the ‘passion of Christ’
that caused the world to tremble
so ask yourself why aren’t you trembling
for the person next to you
and in turn I will ask myself why I haven’t been doing the same. 

↞ Romans XIV ↠

where does you heart reside?
is it married to the world or Christ? 

when your words flow from within
do they stream from Him? 

actions that you take
choices that you make
are they for Christ’s sake? 

in all that you do
from an autonomous process of breathing
to a subservient choice of food
do it all with intentionality
with passion

and this not on your own
for God has placed His Spirit in you to help you
guide you
convict you
live life with you. 

↞ Romans XI ↠

Imagine the premier of the greatest movie since time began
completely sold out within seconds before tickets were even made available
by the Director, the Producer, the Filmmaker and the Actor Himself
so that nobody has to pay for entrance 

The universe as the screen
the world as the stage
the people as the audience
Bible as the popcorn
Prayer as the Drink
Meditation as the M&M’s
Grace as their admissions ticket
Faith as their seat 

A romantic drama about a passionate, perseverant loving father who takes upon himself the biggest sacrifice just so that his children can have another shot at experiencing his unfailing love, to return home after running away.

VIP seats reserved
only when they didn’t show up
The Producer invited everyone, and anyone
those willing and wanting to be apart of this beautiful display
yet those who were invited are left not knowing
but he is making multiple premiers
until the final moment
when his mercy and kindness
have reached the final point of acceptance

This is a movie I have been waiting to see